Future Wars
by Trevor N. Dupuy

Written with the authority of a top-ranked military analyst and the you-are-there immediacy of the best techno-thriller fiction, Future Wars gives a brief history of the region for each of these wars and describes its probable course including a review of each side's military potential, a vividly detailed scenario of a typical engagement, and a prediction of what the outcome most likely would be. An educated speculation about what could happen and how, Future Wars may well prove to be one of the most important books for the uncertain and perilous years ahead. (Warner) ISBN 0-446-51670-8 Cloth $9.95 334 pages

"Everyone should read Future Wars. These pages show how civilization breaks down. But more important, the same pages show why it doesn't have to. Trevor Dupuy is a sane voice in an insane business." --Larry King, Mutual Broadcasting Business.