Understanding Defeat
by Trevor N. Dupuy

The author begins by exploring the losing experience of combat soldiers, including some of the great captains of history: Hannibal, Genghis Khan, Turenne, and Frederick, among others. Discussed next are the various factors that contribute to military loss, from failures of command to circumstances beyond individual commander's control. This is followed by the lessons of famous defeats in history from the campaigns of Napoleon to those of Grant and Lee, from the Battle of the Yalu River to the Huertgen Forest. With numerous charts and graphs, supplemented by appendices describing the principles of battle analysis and how to simulate defeat with computers, Understanding Defeat is an entertaining volume for the military buff and an invaluable resource for commanders, analysts, and wargamers. (NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-4-8 Paper $24.95 312 pages

"Colonel Trevor Dupuy has long argued that the human element is not well understood by military planners. Understanding Defeat sheds light on the human and ethical aspects of warfare which, if not understood, will lead to unnecessary losses in future conflicts. For those interested in the art of war, this is a vital contribution." --Edward C. Meyer, General, U.S. Army (Ret.)