Attrition: Forecasting Battle Casualties and Equipment Losses in Modern War
by Trevor N. Dupuy

This book is compilation of historical data with emphasis on World Wars I and II, and the Arab-Israeli Wars. It is the finest and most complete work on potential losses in battle. The equation for forecasting casualties was applied to the facts available on Operation "Just Cause" in Panama and was accurate to within 1% to 10% of known personnel losses on both sides. A 10-day operation in Kuwait was forecast with stunning results. The work is an absolute must for all strategists, analysts, planners, wargamers, and general readers of military works. (NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-3-X Paper $19.95 176 pages, contains numerous charts, graphs, and tables

"A contribution of outstanding value" --General Andrew Goodpaster, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.