The Ramadan War: The Egyptian View
by Maj. Gen. Hassan el Badri, Maj. Gen. Taha el Magdoub, and Maj. Gen. 
Mohammed Dia el Din Zohdy
Foreword by Colonel T.N. Dupuy

A comprehensive military analysis of the war between the Arab nations and Israel in October 1973 written by three senior officers who held important positions in the Egyptian high command during the war. The entire work, however, is placed in the context of the political, diplomatic, economic and social events that influenced and that were in turn influenced by the war and its outcome. A vital book for understanding the Arab perspective of the October 1973 war. 

This book is not longer in print, and we only have 18 copies left. It was first printed in 1974 in Arabic and printed by TNDA in 1979. ISBN 0-8824-4600-8 Paper $6.95 239 pages.