The Powder Keg: An Intelligence Officer's Guide to Military Forces in the Middle East 1996-2000
Major General Edward B. Atkeson (USA, Ret)

Many books on military balances provide a simple evaluation of the orders of battle or weapon programs with little in the way of serious analysis. The Powder Keg sets a new standard with a thorough and illuminating view of the military balance and trends in the Middle East through the end of the century. Furthermore, General Atkeson analyzes many of the intangible issues frequently overlooked, though critical to the long-term view of the military balance of the Middle East.

"What perfect timing! General Atkeson's new guide on Mideast forces, The Powder Keg, had never been needed more than now. His ability to present a clear, understandable picture of the forces in this dynamic region make his new volume a "must have" library addition for anyone (in or out of government) who is inerested in the Middle East. This book is going to set the standard for future works on the region." --John W. Mountcastle Brigadier General, US Army

"An excellent current analysis where up-to-date order-of-battle information is blended with perceptive politico-military analysis by a professional who is highly knowledgeable about the Middle East. The book's policy recommendations are thoughtful, well argued, certainly controversial, and well worth reading." --Dr. John D. Stempel, Professor and Director University of Kentucky's Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.

(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-5-6, Paper, $14.95, 250 pages including maps, charts and tables