Weaponising Historical Analysis – Dr. James Storr

The sixth briefing of the day was Weaponing Historical Analysis by Dr. James Storr. He is the author of three well received books.

Concerning my book War by Numbers, one Amazon.com reviewer stated that:

A great deal of the value of the book to the reader will depend upon how much that reader needs to see the data to believe. If one is prepared to accept the word of an expert, then Jim Storr’s The Human Face of War is the better book and the better read and presents much the same conclusions in briefer form – it would definitely be more suited to the average reader. On the other hand, for the reader that needs to see the numbers, this (along with Rowland and Biddle) is the must read. And for those most interested in the subject, both are very rewarding in different ways.

Anyhow, we only have less than 17 minutes of his presentation. Then the Zoom video recording stopped because it does not record for more than six hours, unbeknownst to us. So we missed the rest of his presentation. What we have is here: (9) Weaponising Historical Analysis: Storr – YouTube

His slides are here: Presentations from HAAC – Weaponizing Historical Analysis: A Case Study of the Introduction of HA Into Doctrine | Mystics & Statistics (dupuyinstitute.org)

The recording ends of the slide titled “Factors,” which is slide 18 out of 32.  You will have to go here to catch the rest of the slides: HA-Conference-DC-Sep-22-V1.2.ppt (live.com). Sorry, nature of self-funded conferences, we don’t employ professional audio-visual people. 

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